The Atom

The Atom from outside

The Atom.


The Atom is a panopticon situated close to the Haworth Road Car Park above Wycoller in Lancashire.

A panopticon is a structure, space or device providing a comprehensive or panoramic view; in this case, of the beautiful countryside of The Forest of Trawden.

The picture to the left is the view of the Atom as you approach it from the car park. Click on the metal sphere in the centre to see a view from one of the windows.

The driving force of this project was ELEAN (East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network) and the Atom is a result of 3 years work by designers Peter Meacock with Katarina Novomestska and Architects WCW.

Funding was provided by Northwest Regional Development Agency, the Lancashire Economic Partnership, the Northern Way, The Arts Council England North West and Lancashire County Council.

The Atom on the Hill
Click on the photo to view a map of Wycoller.

There are 3 other panopticons in the East Lancashire Area:-

Colourfields in Blackburn
Singing, ringing tree in Burnley
Halo in Rossendale


The Atom at an angle


The Atom was opened on Friday 22nd September 22nd, 2006 by the Mayor of Pendle, Councillor George Adams and designer Peter Meacock.

Many local celebrities attended the opening ceremony including the late Tony (H) Wilson and Red or Dead's Wayne Hemingway.

click here to see opening ceremony photos

All photos by Karen Williams on behalf of NWDA


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