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St Mary the Virgin, Trawden

Saint Mary's has become the only place of organised Christian Worship in the centre of Trawden. The Church was built in 1846, by Trawden people, for everyone in Trawden. Saint Mary's is here for all times in our lives, the happy events, and to be alongside us in our times of trouble.

Everyone in England lives in a Parish of the Church of England and has a right to the services and care of their Parish. Saint Mary's is the church for Trawden. People may have been married at Saint Mary's or had a child baptised here. Others may discover that earlier members of their family were associated with Saint Mary's. On the other hand some may have recently arrived in Trawden. In any event you will be very welcome. Your Church in Trawden may be small in numbers, but we have got a lot to offer to the village:

In the Church Hall regular groups meet for fellowship and fun:

"The Artful Codgers" offer talks about all kinds of topics and a cup of tea.

The various Scouts and Guides groups are an important factor in work with the children and youngsters of this village.

Our newly opened "Peace Garden" (between St. Mary's Vicarage and the Churchyard) offers a place for silent reflection. Have you visited yet ?

The "No matter what" services have become a trademark for Trawden church:

All-age services for families and individuals, lively, interactive and modern - and maybe not as anarchic as some may think!

The Sunday Club for Children meets on Sunday mornings. The Club starts in the Church Hall and finishes in the church.

We are part of the wider Anglican Team Parish of Colne and Villages. That gives you the certainty that there will always be a minister for you when you really need one!

The Parish Link with our friends in Süd-Asse (northern Germany) has in recent years brought dozens of families and individuals into contact. There probably is no better way to enjoy another country than through the warmth and hospitality that you find in personal contact.

We offer courses for those who want to learn more about our Christian faith:

A "God Our Rock" course has started this September, the very popular "Alpha" course will start in 2008.

And most important: Everyone matters! We are a friendly church. Our vision is to provide a space for human fellowship and a space where we find help in our joint quest for God - our life's purpose.

Our Thursday Eucharist is at 7 pm and Sunday services usually start at 9.15 am.

We also have regular evening services which start at about 6 pm.

Look out for posters in the village and view the monthly Newsletters below!


The Church these days is much more informal than it used to be. People come as they are and enjoy being with others in the presence of God. You do not need to know what to do. You might be lost in the crowd but believe us, God would know you were there:


"God is not far from each one of us."

May God Bless You !


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